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abc news election night headquarters in times square, new york. now reporting, diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. >> and we welcome you back from times square, election headquarters and here we are, we are in the final stretch in this long campaign. the polls have closed in five more states in the west, which means one more state, one more state still has the polls open and that will be alaska, two more hours there, and we have some projections to make here, george. california, we are ready to project for barack obama now. of course, the biggest democratic prize but got over 60% of the vote in '08 and ready to project washington state, a blue state for barack obama. idaho, that will be for governor romney. solid red state. that was also a big state for john mccain four years ago, and hawaii, his home state, that would have been a big disappointment. >> no chance that was going to happen. >> for barack obama but it certainly did. one more state before the polls close. >> let's go back to jake tapper and david muir with the campaigns. jake, let me start with you, clearly the excitem
of the debate. the former governor and senator of virginia, george allen. [applause] now, the democrat in this race, from richmond, va., a former governor of virginia, tim kaine. [applause] i think i told you we have an enthusiastic crowd. we do. thank you for agreeing to participate in this important debate and participate and put your self out there. we decided everything by the toss of a coin. the result of that, we will begin with governor kaine. 90 seconds. >> thank you for this opportunity. it is great to be back to virginia tech. i feel close to this community. we have challenges as a nation. the main one is to continue to accelerate the economy and grow jobs. in order to do that, we have to have a congress that knows how to work together. i learned some valuable lessons as mayor and governor. one started here on this campus. in 2008, we were going through what became the worst recession in 75 years. your president, and other university leaders, came and said, times are tough. why do we not do a construction campaign on the state colleges? there was an idea to build a virginia t
. >>> our power house roundtable. george will, cokie roberts, donna brazile, matthew dowd and ronald brownstein of the national journal. >>> hello again. this is it. just hours to go before the final votes and for so many americans, about 40% voters, election day has already come and gone. a new record that has already led to long lines like this at polling stations. some good news in the early vote. that makes sense. the race has been tight from the start. today, it could not be closer. our brand-new abc news/washington post poll shows an absolutely dead-heat. 48%. in the battleground states, a small but steady lead for president obama and it's in the battlegrounds especially those mid western states of iowa, wisconsin and ohio, where the candidates are making their closing arguments. >> the american auto industry is back on top. osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress. but we are here today because we know that we got more work to do. >> the question in this election is this, stay on the course that we are on or real change? because we represent real change. >>> with th
deciding whether to expand gambling to legalize gay it -- table games like blackjack and prince george's county. $90 million was ken king, and with it -- $9 million was spent. marylanders also had the chance to vote for or against a measure that makes some undocumented immigrants eligible for in state college tuition rates, with specific issues that have to be addressed. with 59% of the vote now, 58% in favor of a question for an 42% against question for. >> kai reed is live downtown with supporters of question 6. what are they saying about the results so far tonight? >> they seem very upbeat, very happy and optimistic. it is looking more like a celebration party at this point. you can hear people sharing. he talked about specific areas. prince george's county breaking even, and they said that is a good sign. they said baltimore city is looking better than expected. all the areas that and are looking really well. i just got off the phone with derrick malloy from maryland marriage alliance. he says he is really hopeful. he said we still have a long way to go. we will continue to watch t
abc news election night headquarters in times square, new york, now reporting, diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. >> and finally it is here. we're here in times square for election night 2012 at the abc news election headquarters. great to have you with us. all day long we've been watching grandmothers, first-time voters, rich people, poor people, blue collar workers, all the people who believe in america going to the polls, every state of our union today joining together at the ballot boxes, and we will be bringing you the results. we are here to tell you who won, why throughout this evening and what's next. it's your voice as we've been saying and your vote tonight. >> diane, it has been a long, bitter and expensive race. deadlocked most of the way and revealed an america divided in so many ways. tonight, all of you are going to tip the balance. >> and now we are ready to begin because we have three projections to make because the polls have closed in six states and we are ready to go. here it is. indiana, this state has switched, president obama won it four years ago, governor
% of the presents reporting george allen slightly in the lead over tim kaine. we're watching those northern virginia counties being countedment we know a lot of those will probably end up in tim kaine's column. >> let's move over to maryland now, where ben cardin is easily winning reelection tonight. also tonight, you can see he won handily there, 58% of the vote to 25% of the vote. >> in the house house district 6 race, roscoe barlet fighting for his seat. after it was redrawn, the check there to john delaney, the democrat now. it looks like the redrawing worked in the democrat's favor, as was planned. >> marylanders also voting on several ballot measures, including the gaming expansion. 52% in favor, 48% against. just a short time ago, we saw this reversed. clearly, this is still a close one. >> the other controversial issue on the ballot, same-sex marriage. we have 24% of the precincts reporting. both of these taking a good amount of time for us to get results in. >> and another hot issue in maryland, of course, maryland's version of the dream act. 24% of precincts reporting. clearly this seems t
fisher who's at washington elementary school in alexandria where george allen is voting voting this morning. good morning, kristin. what can you tell us? has the candidate arrived? >> apparently we're having -- >> there she is. good morning, kristin. >>reporter: good morning. well, it is a very chilly election morning, but that hasn't stopped virginians from getting out early. look at this line outside the washington mill elementary school in mount vernon. it's at least, almost 200 people deep and the polls just opened, people just started going in. and right now we are all awaiting the arrival of one of the candidates in virginia's closely watched senate race, george allen. he should be arriving any minute now to cast his vote, then the republican and former governor is going to be heading down to richmond to watch the returns come in, and that's where his opponent is going to be for most of the day, democrat tim kaine. now, this race is absolutely critical because it could very well determine which party is going to control the senate. this race has received more money and m
senator george allen defeated today. tim kaine is the winner. it has been a long, hard campaign. >> it is a very closely watched senate race in the country. they are going to be replacing jim webb. we have been watching this all night long. >>> we will win this election. we will finish what we started to 2008 and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> this is about america, the can you be the we love. it is in trouble. it needs our help. we are going to take it back and make sure is that america remains the hope. >> a challenger aim to go stop him. it's been a long road for him. >> if you think the government is bed holden-- >> speeches. >> it took the president 14 days. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> i am sorry, i-- >> they had spins. >> turn out to vote for me. >> and now finally the voting by us and our neighbors to choose a president. >>> this is 9 news now. good evening on this election neat. what seems like the longness next is all but done. it really looks like president obama is going for a second term. here is a loo
? >> i think it's unlikely. it will be like the 2000-2004 network. george wish -- george bush barely won and it was not until 9/11 happened that republican his momentum to get anything done and in 2004, you saw the same thing. bush won a narrow re-election. not a huge control on one side or the other. and i think that as soon as we're done, folks will start the next election and there is a lot of folks angling for 2014 and that is going to be very, very tough to pass anything, really, and there is little impetus on either side of the aisle. >> and sounds like we have a broken system here. that is a question for another day. >>> and what time do the polls open? we have what you need to know. the voter's guide is coming up next. pamela howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. . >
in a race that wasn't as close as many anticipated. >> former governor tim kaine defeats george allen after a hard fought, expensive, 19-month campaign. >> and maryland residents weigh in on a whole host of issues from gambling to same-sex marriage and make history in the process. good morning. thanks for getting up with us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang for this morning after election night. this morning the long and hard fought presidential election is over with president barack obama voted into office for a second term. >> it is a decisive victory for the president, at least in the electoral college. take a look at the race. to 270 in terms of electoral votes, president obama wins with 303 over former massachusetts governor mitt romney's 200 electoral votes, this without florida, which is still considered too close to call with 97% of the precincts reporting, although president obama does have a narrow lead. >> the president picked up many battlegrounds states, including virginia, colorado, and the all important ohio. he declared victory to an ecstatic group of supporters in c
polls decided this divided. thousands of supporters lined up at george mason university excited northern -- the last 48 hours of the campaign. mitt romney wants to turn this .wing state back to read told these virginia voters difference.ake the he gave one of the final of his presidential campaign. door to a broader future there. waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work. .alk with me tomorrow is a new beginning. >> he stard the morning in to lynchburgent on in fairfax. he decided to add an airport in new hampshire tonight. the final rally is now scheduled for pittsburg. from thee live tonight rally. they have decided to add ohioer trip back to then on tod before ending tomorrow in boston. will be like to not for all your election coverage. cooper, abc 7 news. >> the other big race for voters in battleground virginia is the race for the united states senate. >> the candidate also spent the thoseying to inspire undecided voters. tomorrow night, one of two former virginia governors will become the new senator. jeff goldberg is live in on thisia with more important race. >> the pas
and richard nixon, overwhelming george mcgovern. each of those elections, one of the candidates failed to capture the spirit of the american voting public and the winner had the advantage of a weak opponent. franklin roosevelt won his second term landslide because of his huge popularity. however, in many more presidential elections, the candidates are in a pitted battle to present themselves as the one best capable of serving the country, with the winner walking off with a modest majority. there is customary wisdom, a campaign between the incumbent president and his opponent will be either a referendum on the first term of the president or a judgment of which candidate will be the better leader. is there really a difference between these two considerations? does it not boil down to judging the leadership skill of the incumbent based on his effectiveness during his first term versus the unknown leadership skills of the challenger? it is easy to point to the national security or economic consequencess or consequent impact on the ratings of an incumbent as the indicator of the popular vie
. that was not the case earlier. there were lines and equipment malfunctions but people did not give up. in prince george's county, some residents waited in line for hours to vote. >> we first got in. half the machines were not and they didn't have enough cards for everybody. >> reporter: some of the wait was because of the large number of people turning out to cast their ballots in the morning. voters told us, when the computers went down, that made the delays and confusion even worse. >> some of the machines were broken down. they lost half the machines. >> reporter: then there were inconveniences for seniors and the disabled. some waited outside because they did not know they could wait inside. here in northwest washington, we heard reports of people standing in these lines for as long as three hours. >> i've been voting here for 25, 30 years and i've never seen lines like this. never. >> reporter: later in the afternoon, many of the lines were gone. like here at the boys and girls club in laurel. >> it wasn't too long. it was worth the wait. >> reporter: he said it shows residents are dedicated to ma
up. for now, live from rich monday. >>> 'tis battle of the governors. tim kaine versus george allen. now more on that pivotal and expensive contest. >> reporter: this is where george allen will be and tim kaine will be waiting for results at the marriott. they will lill literally not be far apart and that's fitting since that's the way it is in the polls, too. george allen will be in richmond tonight. he cast his ballot early in alexander re. a tim kaine woke up in richmond to vote and will stay put. both talked about the economy and planned defense cuts impacting virginia's military workers for months now. in the en, they wanted to make sure their name was on voters' minds going into the polls. supporter always butler short, posted signs outside a norton polling station. then she went in to vote. >> he is all about vote jobs. isn't that what this election is all about? the economy and he is about using the energy in virginia which again would create more jobs. >> reporter: voter core win long said he made his decision for tim kaine. >> he is a moderate democrat. i favor moderate re
will and business achievement, political success as well as failures. mitt was the fourth and last child for george and lenore romney. born march 12, 1957, some recall him as the favorite. george wrote to the family in september 1956 -- mitt is growing like a weed, as full of ideas and energy as ever. tom mccaffrey grew up with romney. >> mitt as a child was extremely energetic, the kind of kid who could never sit down. his mind was going 100 miles an hour. >> george was much the same way. >> you know, he's just got that energy. >> phillip maxwell lived down the street from the romneys in a wealthy detroit suburb. >> george would go out on the golf course. and he had fluorescent golf balls, and he would hit the ball and he would run after the ball, jogging, hit the ball again. and that was his exercise. >> young mitt not only had his father's energy -- >> there seems to be a special bond between george and mitt. >> -- michael kranish and scott helman co-wrote the book "the real romney." >> mitt absolutely idolized his father in a way you can see drawn out in the way he's run his life, following the
. >> george allen just conceded that race. julie is in richmond with more from tim kaine supporters. i imagine they're quite happy? >> there is a very fired-up crowd. they're getting ready for a victory speech. some of tim kaine's friends and family. he's held a lot of political titles in his career. virginia governor. he's been dnc chairman appointed by president obama and mayor and tonight he adds the title, virginia senator elect. by a slim margin he defeats republican challenger george allen to take over tha opened virginia senate seat. the seat opened because democrat jim webb decided not to run for re-election after a second term. it's been one of the most closely watched senate races in the country because it is one of the keyest of democrats. keeping control of the u.s. senate. we talked to virginia party chairman brian moran a short while ago and this is what he had to say about the big win tonight. >> we feel good. we've been looking at the numbers as soon as they started reporting and thank goodness northern virginia came in. once the numbers came in from fairfax, we felt real good
in the ballot box. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> a new world class resort casino in prince george's county. >> reporter: supporters promise a new casino and table games around the state will bring thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional tax revenue for schools. and that sounds great to michael graves who was voting in baltimore. >> i didn't think anybody was going to the schools but i thought it'd be more jobs and i need a job. >> you're unemployed. >> yes i am. >> and you're looking for work. >> for like the past five years. >> reporter: maryland's top financial cop says all the promises are pipe dreams. >> a lot of people say that they voted against it. that share saw the tv ads -- they saw the ads saying education wasn't going to benefit from gambling. >> reporter: prince george's county executive baker is encouraging voters to support question 7. it needs to win a majority statewide and in prince george's county where he hopes to see a sixth casino. >> people in prince george's county are gambling. the difference is, they take their money outside of the sta
there are a few more behind me here in times square tonight, diane and george. >> a lot of people. to ron brownstein right now. there's going to be so much we learn about the country coming out of this election and the party. one fact i want to throw at you as you reflect on this victory for president obama. the last six presidential elections democrats have won the popular vote in five out of the last six. >> just as republicans did from '68 to '88 in the era we talked about the lock on the electoral college. they consistently won behind the collision, groups that are themselves growing this society, minorities, young people, millennial generation and college educated white women to win 47% of them down from 2008 but, again, socially liberal women and a collision that continues to grow inside and allows democrats to overcome in some cases very weak performances among other whites. look at those, florida and virginia where he's right in there punching till the very end winning under 40 -- well under 40% of white voters and still in a position to compete for them and just enough of those w
now, the name george shirakawa has meant nothing but respect here in east san jose. the george shirakawa community center was named after george shirakawa senior a well loved city council member who died while in office in the 1990s. now some say george junior, a supervisor who is under investigation, should step down to save the family name. >> george has been a tremendous advocate for the east side. >> reporter: political consultant was once a supervisor to george shirakawa. his advice now to the politician, step down. >> this is a repeated violation of the public trust. and once that occurs, there's no putting the jeannie back in the bottle and so it's up to george to do the right thing for his constituents and the county to resign. >> reporter: the district attorney is investigating shirakawa for violations of campaign ethics laws and misuse of funds stemming from adding abuse of a county issued -- from alleged abuse of a county issued credit card includes hotels, car rentals. in his first public statements on the allegations last tuesday, shirakawa blamed the media. >> i d
, democrat tim kaine and republican george allen are duking it out for this senate seat being 78cateed by jim webb. he's the democrat that beat george allen four years ago. allen was governor from 1994 to 1998 during a time of economic growth in both the state and the nation. kaine was governor of virginia from 2006 to 2010 and guided the commonwealth through a sharp economic downturn. now, here's where both stand on key positions. kaine says he would allow the bush-era tax cuts to expire for incomes above $500,000 a year. that is twice the level proposed by the white house. he also supports taking away subsidizes for big oil companies. now, george allen favors lowering taxes for job-creating businesses. he would also like to simplify the tax code for individuals, possibly even offering a flat tax option for individual taxpayers. now right now the polls give kaine a three-point lead in virginia over allen, but that is within the margin of error, so right now it's looking like anybody's race. we are back at the election wall in 30 minutes. we're going to give you an update in the race for same
and southern suburbs. prince george's county, anne arundel, calvert, st. mary's, and charles county. northern neck to fredericksburg, and 95 prince william south is picking up this light rain this morning. some of the roadways are a little bit wet. meanwhile, these little areas in green and pink in montgomery and howard county is the main event. going to be coming later today. road temperatures above freezi g freezing. that is the key factor, upper 30s to around 40. it is chilly. you'll need an umbrella with chilly rain perhaps around noontime. later in the afternoon, cold air is involved. changing the rain to wet snow from time to time. accumulating on grassy areas, and highs from the low 40s early afternoon will begin to drop during the afternoon as that snow falls. that may continue into this evening. details coming up. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> still checking on that multi-vehicle crash as you head i-95 northbound. this is at mile marker 151 just prior to 234. the crash is moved into the left shoulder lane, but emergency response workers still
, including a rally at george mason this afternoon. the commonwealth with mitt romney trailing the president with just 1%. >> how hot is this election? d.c. residents have turned out in record numbers to votes. the board of elections estimates 52,000 residents voted early. more than double the number of people who voted early in 2010 when early voting started in d.c. it was worth the wait for a lot of voters. some had to wait in line at least two hours to cast their ballot. >> and with less than 24 hours to go before marylanders hit the polls, today governor martin o'malley will hit three separate rally. first, the rally supporting the gaming referendum. it will start at 10:15 at baltimore's inner harbor. governor o'malley will then attend two rallies for marriage equality. the first rally will take place right at the federal hill. the second rally will be held at 3:00 this afternoon at the university of maryland. and those are just two of the ballot initiatives marylanders will be voting on in this election. news 4 megan mcgrath breaks down some of the contentious issues and the impact resu
-sex marriage for maryland. chris gordon looks at how people in prince george's county voted for question 6, and what is up next. stay with us. >>> starting on january 1st, new year's day, gay marriage will be legal if maryland. voters approved ballot 6 and the issue brought out strong beliefs on both sides. news4's chris gordon spoke to people who fought for and against same-sex marriage. >> we are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> reporter: martin o'malley was credited for his leadership. supporters of marriage equality celebrated the victory for gay marriage. >> it came down to people understood there is equality, what marylanders believe in. >> reporter: question 6 passed despite the fact that in prince george's county, 51% of the voters cast ballots against it. leading a community divided. >> i can never accept the fact that they're finding two of the same sex as being a marriage. now, that's just not what -- what america's supposed to be defined as. >> i think it's a wonderful thing. they should have the same rights as everyone else. >> report
nixon overwhelming george mcgovern. in each of those elections on of the candidates failed to capture the spirit of the american voting public and the winner had the advantage of the weak opponent. franklin roosevelt won the second term landslide because of his huge popularity. however in many more presidential elections, the candidates are in a battle to present themselves as of one that is capable of serving the country with the winner walking off with a modest majority. in the work of the campaign between the incumbent president and his opponent would be either a referendum on the first term of the president or eighth judgment which candidates would be a better leader. is there a difference between the two considerations? the sinnott baliles giunta judging the leadership skills of the incumbent based on the effectiveness during the first term? this is the unknown and leadership skills of the challenger. it's easy to point to the national security or the economic consequential than practice on their ratings of an incumbent is the indicator of the popular view of the sitting presiden
, including same-sex marriage and also expanded gambling. david collins joins us live from prince george's county. >> behind-the-scenes there is nervous energy. how of question 7 has feared at this point is honestly just a guess. what is known for sure is that the campaign for and against question 7 has hit the $90 million mark. mgm is pushing question 7 because it wants to operate a casino at national harbor. question seven must pass by majority vote both state wide and in prince george's. it allows casinos and table games at all gambling sites. mgm plans to invest $800 million in the casino and hire 4000 people. national harbor as a resort feel to it. hotels, shops, waterfront docks. if it fails and st. george's, he says he will respect the people's voice and go home. he does not envision the issue coming up for many years to come. governor martin o'malley raise the possibility that a question seven veils, the general assembly and have to raise taxes to meet future education spending levels. supporters will not start arriving until after 8:00 this evening. it will include a lot of in g
project. light volume. same story with the outer loop. on a 95, george washington parkway, not seeing any delays. virginia beltway -- roadwork does continue, to be cleared by 5:00 a.m. >> voters let their voices be heard and decided to keep president obama in office for four more years. >> he surpassed mitt romney went came during the 270 lector all votes needed. our coverage begins -- electoral votes needed. our coverage begins in chicago. >> e eventually last night they got the celebration they wanted here at obama headquarters in chicago. thousands of volunteers and supporters cheered the president on. it was a grass-roots effort to get out the vote. into monday evening -- they waited. the president thanked them for that effort, saying it was their enthusiasm that brought him to the top. >> whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time by the way, we have to fix that. [laughter] whether you pounded the pavement or picked up the fund -- [applause] whether you held and obama signed or romney sign, you make your voice heard. >> the key swing states -- g
as the results come in. >> wow. >> there it is. >> very fancy, george. >> a big day, election. one day to go, we have a lot going on. >> absolutely. but first, we're going to check in with sam champion on top of all the devastation from hurricane sandy, we have a nor'easter coming in. it is going to be cold. it already is here in the northeast. >> exactly. we are live in times square as new york city gets ready for monday morning. you should know the folks have two days to get ready for another punch of rain, wind, and brutal cold coming in behind it. let's just show you as the cold air drops in. it's the coldest air of the season. this morning, the windchills are at 33 degrees but the real temperatures will be in the 30s and near the freezing mark, and in some cases, a little bit below, for all of the areas impacted by this storm. just unbelievable chill. and then on tuesday, this chill comes out of the country, gets to the carolina coast, starts to swirl around, gains some strength. and then as your garden variety nor'easter bringing 25 to 35-mile-per-hour steady winds, gust of 50 plus, probab
as george said to reflect on this story. i mean this is remarkable american story. and what he, what rerepresents personally but also the changing america that has put him in this place. i think that that's why people get so excited about it because they recognize themselves in him in a way they never recognized themselves in any leader before because it was never there before. now his tweet, we are all in this together is something he really needs to deliver on because we have to come out of this election being much more unified than the way we've gone into the election. >> there's another reason why this is historic in addition to the obvious one, this is a president who had running for re-election with with high unemployment, a low approval rating for much of this year, and a majority of the people here thought the country is going in the wrong track. by any measure, you would have thought he was heading for defeat and he won. we have never seen it happen on any of those marks to be that low wing re-election in the modern era. . >> as we look at this celebration, i want to think
and we begin with matt gutman in jerusalem. opening, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. this could be her most important one. she could be the key player in brokering a truce, and tonight all eyes are on her. hillary clinton arriving for twelfth hour diplomacy and a midnight meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: the secretary of state now in the eye of this deadly storm with breakneck meetings of all the major players in jerusalem, cairo and gaza. all day rumors of peace flew, so did the rockets and the leaflets. israel dropping thousands of them warning some 200,000 gazans to flee homes that could be bombed, and they fled with mattresses and luggage piled high on donkey carts and rickshaws as israel cratered entire blocks tonight. 1 million palest
was in london, he had what he called was a devoted friendship with king george next, and he entertained the teenage princess at his london apartment where he served her prime ribs of beef according to instructions, nice and rare. in 1957, she was given a short trip by her biographers. according to a horrible research and in an interview, rick buchanan, who was the protocol, was with the royal couple throughout their six days in the united states. which began in jamestown and williamsburg and ended in new york city and included an impromptu visit to a supermarket in suburban maryland. ruth gave me an impromptu and valuable personal perspective on her conduct its queen and her relationship with her husband, prince philip. one of my favorite descriptions was of a moment on the president's airplane when philip was immersed in the sports section of the newspaper and ignoring his wife's questions on the postcards to their children. when she pressed him, he got flustered. it was so interesting what was happening when her husband wasn't paying attention to her, he said. he also noticed that eli
over his republican challenger george allen. we'll have a live report from both camps coming up. >> the latest numbers you can see there. 55% of the votes. >> let's talk about president obama and mitt romney. one number on their minds tonight. that is the magic number, 270. that is how many electoral votes they need to win the presidency. >> it is still either candidates race tonight. >> reporter: this night, where we see tim kaine now coming up on top in virginia, we still do not have an answer in virginia, but you know, mark, you and i have been on the phones recently. we've got some information about the situation with this extended vote we're hearing about. we're hearing prince william county is the place where people are still waiting to vote. we're going to first throw it to tim kaine's camp in richmond. >> reporter: what we're looking at here, obviously, this is the richmond headquarters of the tim kaine senatorial campaign. tim kaine has really been at the waist with barack obama's campaign. >> george allen made a big deal that tim kaine was the chairman of the democrati
in the broadcast. >>> tim kaine will be virginia's next senator. he defeated republican george allen 53%-47%. megan mcgrath is live at tim kaine's headquarters with more. >> reporter: we're live at kaine headquarters in alexandria, virginia. you can see the homemade signs on the store front. it says tim kaine for virginia. kaine is attributing his success to this sort of grass roots support, grass roots enthusiasm. despite millions of dollars spent on this campaign by outside groups trying to influence the outcome from negative ads, in the end, kaine defeated george allen. kaine gave his acceptance speech before a crowd of supporters in richmond last night. he thanked them for all of their hard work in this very long campaign. george allen in his concession speech struck a similar tone. he also thanked his supporters. both men are saying that lots of work still needs to be done now that the election is over. >> now is the hard work. it's time for all of us in the commonwealth to come together and find solutions to our nation's common problems. and i'm optimistic that we can because that's the virgi
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's george howell is at a best buy in atlanta, stacy cohen is at a mall in arlington, virginia. george, you surviving? what's it been like there for you, pal? >> all right, john. pan around, i want to show you what's happening here right now. fewer people than we saw earlier but they're still coming in and they have reason to come in, john. i want to show you just sort of the lay of the land here at best buy. this is a deal that really caught my eye, $187 for a laptop? i mean, that's one thing. you look around. there's several tvs like this one, $247 that was regularly $. 9. another tv, and i want to show you this over here, this is pretty cool. this laptop bundle. these are the things that they're selling to get people in the doors. you get a laptop, flash drive, mouse, all of this, you save some $200 on this. so it's really important this day for a lot of these retailers, when you look at this particular best buy in dunwoody, georgia, wrapped around the store this morning, there were some 600 people waiting to get inside this store. great news for this particular store, especially when yo
, a romney adviser, led republicans to victory from a supreme court battle between george w. bush and al gore in 2000. >> i'm clearing my calendar just in case i need to be ready for the next five weeks. >> reporter: he says if elections officials want to avoid litigation, they shoumtd change direction in the middle of the game. >> if you follow the rules that were in place on election day with respect to counting the ballots, then the presumptive outcome will be respected when the electoral college votes are counted. >> but the truth is there could be other changes to the rules especially as states affected by the superstorm get ready for the election. joe johns, cnn, washington. >>> and tonight a program note. cnn's anderson cooper and wolf blitzer are taking a closer look at where the candidates are focusing their attention and whether the battleground states might hold any surprises. "america's choice 2012:countdown to election day" air force tonight at 8:00 eastern. >>> people in many of the smaller coastal towns devastated by superstorm sandy depend on summer tourism to survive, but the
you. let me begin by thanking our district attorney george gascone. he's been a wonderful leader, a very, very solid collaborater on this domestic violence challenge that we all have. you know, the month of october has been incredibly exciting, and whether we announce its a the innovation month or the orange month, we also have always committed it to being domestic awareness month. and the people that are standing to my sides and behind me really are to be congratulated because one of the reasons why district attorney gascone and the commission on the status of women are recognized by the department of justice is because we have a solid, solid community-based level of organizations that touch literally every one of the survivors that come in to the services, reach out to them, making sure we're taking care of them, making sure we have community-based processes as well as services to help survivors and help the families. now, it's in the context of some very serious data that will be reviewed by everybody here, sobering data. 17% increase as reported by our adult probation on case
this country deeply. >> reporter: so, george, the question, now, what now? and president obama has said that he will reach out to republican leaders. he wants to meet with mitt romney. he even last night reached out to romney voters. where are some areas of compromise? perhaps tax reform. perhaps immigration reform. we'll see in the days ahead. >> jake tapper, thanks very much. >>> as you mentioned, i'd was a very different scene in boston last night. you could see the shock and sadness on the faces of governor romney's supporters. he made his own gracious speech. david muir has been covering governor romney from the sport. you saw the faces. and you saw his campaign team. they really believed in their theory of the case. they thought they could win this. >> reporter: yeah. no question, george. in fact, they were very emotional afterwards, some of his senior team, as they were leaving here, after that concession speech. and we were hearing in the final days about the ground game, vastly outperforming mccain's ground game four years ago. how they were doing with independents in the polling. the
northwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. >>> now to an illegal operation run out of george washington university. the scheme centered around stolen textbooks, all caught on tape. shomari stone joins us with more on this crime. >> reporter: well, federal prosecutors tell me that these thieves worked here at the university's bookstore across the street and they stole hundreds of books from there and recruited a man well-known on campus who sold hot dogs like this one for two decades. look at this video at george washington university's bookstore. campus police set up cameras after thousands of dollars in textbooks went missing last december. federal prosecutors say darrelle coleman shown in the dark shirt and apron places the new books on a table. kyle puts the books in boxes,s in the red shirt. and another man police say is also involved. the boxes are dropped off at the bookstore's loading box and the well-known hot dog vendor picks it up. prosecutors fell us this scheme went on from december 13, 2010, to january 19, 2011. today a jury found the group guilty of conspiracy and theft, s
, a welcome sight for virginia's republican candidate for senate, george allen. >> it's great to see driving up here we are at -- whatever it is, 6:14 in the morning, so many cars. and it looks like virginians are ready to change the direction of our country in a good direction. >>reporter: in a race this close, every vote counts. george allen continued to campaign all the way up to the voting booth, and he made sure as tempting as it might be not to cut in line. >> it took me about 30 seconds to actually vote, but it took me about an hour to get through the line. >> we just stood in line for an hour and a half to make sure we cast our vote, so that's what it means to us. >>reporter: you feel like it really counts this year. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. without a doubt. >> absolutely. >>reporter: even though you all just canceled each other out. >> yeah, well, we hope that there's more, right? >>reporter: in this race, the other deem, democrat tim kaine, he spent the morning casting his vote in richmond. all in, this race will be the most expensive senate race in the country and likely one o
., and has the right dna. >> i'm standing here now with governor george romney who is telling me -- >> his father george was a three-term republican governor in michigan and even ran for the 1968 republican presidential nomination. it caused team kennedy to rethink its campaign strategy. >> we had a meeting, someone said the first thing we have to do is talk about the budgetary implications of this, and he said no, the first thing i want to know is, bob, what are we going to do on television in the next couple of weeks. and i don't care about the budgetary implications. i'm not losing my senate seat. >> he scared the daylights out of the kennedys. he really did. he cleared the republican field without any problem. >> good to see you. how are you doing? >> i'm sure glad you're not a kennedy. >> go, mitt, go. >> by early september, polls have the two candidates virtually tied. so the kennedy campaign does something unprecedented. they produce their first attack ads ever. >> mitt romney's ads claim he created jobs. but what's the record? their target? one of romney's perceived strong points,
. that includes most of west virginia, a lot of virginia and a lot of maryland. in montgomery, prince george's counties, only mid and upper 30s. we've got a wind gusting around 10, 15 miles an hour. so it feels colder than that. here is your hour by hour forecast for this friday. we'll have a clear sky, cold breezes here for the next couple of hours. by noontime, still a bit breezy. but into the low 50s. that's still rather chilly. sunrise at 6:45. by midafternoon, we ought to be near 60 degrees. and then the winds will calm down by late afternoon. back down to the low 50s after sunset. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast and a look at your friday evening. danella here with first 4 traffic. >>> let's talk about i-95 and bw parkway, checking for incidents. really between the baltimore beltway and capitol beltway traveling in maryland making your way towards the beltway. clear in this area as well. here's a live look at 410 as you make your way eastbound and westbound on 50 connecting to new york avenue. no issues to report. let's talk about the rails. penn south train number
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